voipHow your business communicates can be vital, being accessible and keeping your team connected is a big part of business. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communication innovation that permits its clients to make calls over the Internet as opposed to the traditional telephone line framework. VoIP works by changing sound into a digital signal and after that exchanging it through a broadband connection. So in the event that you are utilizing a VoIP phone framework, you are essentially utilizing the Internet to make what feel like telephone calls. Utilizing a VoIP framework has a lot of advantages for many different types and sizes of organizations.

If you run a big business the costs of using phone lines can quickly rack up, contracts themselves aren’t cheap and if you go over the included minutes every single minute used by any of your staff will be chargeable. VOIP can save a lot of money on your contracts and is a way to encourage your staff to keep communication cheap.

The portability given by a Business VoIP framework is accessible everywhere throughout the world. Utilizing any broadband association, you can sign into your VoIP phone, and you will get a connection. Wherever in the world you are, as long as you have Internet access, there ought not be any issues as far as getting in touch with other connected users, so you’re not relying on a cell phone company to be up or provide you with a signal, which in some …


indentity_guard_imgTechnology, largely, has been a wonderful addition to our society, allowing us to reach people all around the world and do things we would only have seen in sci fi films a few years ago, but it has also left the door open for types of fraud and cyber attacks, and among the most prominent is identity theft. Whether you’re an individual, family or a business, these types of attacks are out there, and as a business it can be even more important to protect your reputation and the details of clients.

You don’t need me to tell you that fraudsters are astute and intelligent, and can exploit those people that don’t take safety measures to ensure their lifestyle and business dealings remain safe.

You and anyone involved in your business can take steps in order to keep your business data from being stolen by lawbreakers to take directly from you or get involved in fraudulent activities in your name. A real crisis for businesses and something that can cost a huge amount of time and money.

Financial losses as a result of this type of fraud have been estimated at around 25 billion dollars, a huge amount of money and it can be difficult to recuperate if the culprit isn’t caught.

So what options do you have?

There are some common sense steps you can take to try and avoid any sort of ID theft happening to you, these aren’t complex, nor are they difficult, but they do require …


techWe live in a world that 20 or 30 years ago would have been described as science fiction, we have video calls, phones that can pay bills, tablet computers with power that 10 years ago was unthinkable. We can store huge music collections in our pocket, stream any movie whilst we’re on the train, and it is all thanks to the ever growing world of technology. Buying tech products though can be a bit of a minefield, it is difficult to know whether what you’re buying is going to do a good job or whether it is made in a substandard way, whether you’re looking for a tablet pc, gaming mouse or just some new headphones.

Recommendation – my favourite way to choose a product is to be recommended it by someone in the know or by a friend, you can see the product in use a lot of the time and know that it is going to be high quality.

Average ratings – lots of online retailers have the option for those who have bought it to rate it out of 10 or out of five, from this you can see an average and a consensus of how happy people were with their purchase

Independent reviews – emphasis on independent, getting reviews from a manufacturers site can be a little bit dodgy, but getting them from somewhere independent, a technology reviews site for instance, can be the best way to know what you’re buying is good.

Tech plays a …

Business Entrepreneurship

familyframeIn the 21st century, the age of the internet, we live in a time where it is possible to get almost anything personalised and customised, and many businesses are taking advantage of being able to reach a national or even global customer base by offering these sorts of gifts to people. If you have the facility to make something personal to a person or a family, it can be a wonderful gift or an amazing decorative item for putting into your own home.

Twenty Fingers are one such company, a small business, a husband and wife duo from the UK, who offer said personalised gifts, everything from pet pictures to a framed family tree. Their bespoke gifts are made with love and attention, and their clever branding (presumably twenty fingers is the name due to the two pairs of hands working on the products) make these a wonderful option for people who want something personal for their own family or something to give as a gift to a family close to you.

Their company has fantastic customer service, and a slick, easy to use website which makes it simple to put your details in and order the products you need. Well made frames and excellent looking products have helped build this company.

Craft style businesses can be started from home, but you have to be talented, and you have to offer something that is well made if you’re going to start a successful business. These wonderful gifts are an …


firstholycommunionFirst Communion, or first holy communion, is celebrated by christians all around the world, and is a way to celebrate confirmation. It is usually held when people are quite young, between seven and 12 years old, but this very much depends on which christian beliefs you hold and which church you belong to. This festivity is more often than not are a reason for huge family social affairs and gatherings to praise the occasion. The communicant wears specific garments which are provided by specialist shops such as. For girls, their dress is normally white to represent purity. Young ladies frequently wear extravagant communion dresses and hair decorations.

Our featured business today are the only shop in the UK that is exclusively communion, and they offer a huge range of products and garments for both girls and boys to wear on their special celebration.

It is also common to give gifts for the festivity, and we all know how tough it can be to buy gifts for events, well now it is a bit easier as they offer a wonderful range and even advise as to the best selling products of this type, so for instance a section of their site will show you the best selling gifts for girls or boys and you can look at what others have bought. That doesn’t mean your gift will be generic though, especially as they offer a range of personalization and engraving for the products. You can get everything from a necklace …


exportItaly is without doubt one of the most culturally famous nations in the history of the world, with their influence spanning through their home continent of Europe and across the seas to the USA and beyond. Italian products are popular all over the world and their exports are worth hundreds of billions of dollars every year. We’re focusing on Ego International today, a made in Italy export leader who focus on lots of Italian products from food and drink to manufactured items.

When you think of Italian exports it might well be food and drink that springs to mind, whether it is flavoursome meat or those amazing wines we all love. Italian food is undeniably one of the best cuisines, but there are other areas of export that are hugely valuable in Italy, these include manufacture of electrical parts and building materials, cars (when you think about brands of cars, many of the most famous are indeed Italian) and pharmaceuticals, an area which has grown hugely in recent years.

Ego International’s role is to provide branded ‘made in Italy’ products for people all around the world, they work with loads of suppliers to make sure that whatever your needs they can find somebody to fulfill it and provide your business with the Italian quality products you’re looking for. As well as food and other consumable products they work closely with manufacturing including finished and semifinished parts and products. Ego International are a well respected company who will work hard to …


cctviFacility, the UK based, industry leaders of IP CCTV Installation, intruder alarms, security and surveillance services company, and it’s sister company iFacility – Software and Design (producers of the acclaimed iManage app), are pleased to announce that they have moved the Midlands arm of their operation from Birmingham to Tamworth.

iFacility’s John Bryan commented:

“We were pleased to have offices in the prestigious Fort Dunlop Building but our continued growth meant we needed more space and a location that is more accessible both to our staff and our clients. Amber Business Village was ideal – giving us the space we needed and plenty of green space around us.”

iFacility have built a reputation in the UK – and further afield – in the retail, manufacturing and corporate industries for technical prowess in designing, installing and providing ongoing support across the full spectrum of CCTV installations and security system as well as services such as video analytics, Access Control (including face recognition and biometrics including fingerprint and iris scanning), gates and barriers, and ANPR systems,  and, of course, the latest in Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K camera installation.

iFacility is the company of choice for many market leading businesses. Greggs (who have recently opened one of their new style stores at Middle Entry in Tamworth), Hertz, Scania and Thrify Car Hire are just some of the well-regarded names in the portfolio that now depend on iFacility for all their security and surveillance needs.

Now with their larger Midlands


security-camera-834173_960_720Security is one of the most important aspects of business in the modern age. There are so many ways that people can attack your business or assets. One of the companies embracing technology to help us avoid slipping up is iFacility. Offering incredible advances in security systems, protection technology and procedures, iFacility is a multi award-winning British security company with a global reach, and is proud to be Sony partner of the year 2015, an impressive feat by an impressive company.

IP HD CCTV installation, just one of iFacilty’s services, is a security essential for most companies in today’s world, but iFacilty pride themselves on taking it to the next level.  They offer 4K cameras, precise biometrics, bespoke access control and thermal imaging to augment standard night vision equipment, as well as unique services such as intelligent video analytics, minutely detailed, legally tight reporting, and integrated alarms with 24 hour monitoring from their award-winning, purpose-built alarm response centre; all of which mark iFacility out as the company you need to safeguard your security long into the future.

Bases in numerous locations around the country ensure that iFacility provides a genuinely national service, with globally trained engineers ready to install a professional intruder alarm, CCTV, access control or a biometrics and face recognition security solution no matter what the local conditions offer or demand.  Experts in providing everything from a one site surveillance system to multi-site, multi-national security and analytics operations, iFacility can solve all your


autoclaveMedical and Laboratory technology is a business where you can’t take any risks, only the best will do when it comes to health and safety and working in any sort of medical field.

BMT are primarily an autoclave manufacturer. ‘Autoclave’ is a word which is used in labs and medical areas whilst ‘Sterilizer’ is a word you’re likely to hear in pharmaceuticals. Effectively, they do the same job. It isn’t a simple world though, and as well as having to think about quality there are numerous types of autoclave which are available from the company.

Steam Sterilizers – . The desired sterilization works by using water steam which is heated to the desired temperature, your set pressure and the required time. The process can take between a few minutes and an hour.

Hot Air – These sterilizers do their job by using hot air without water which is set to temperature (usually between 160 and 180 degrees C). The process usually takes 30-60 minutes.

BMT also offer laboratory ovens, which are designed for drying and heating items accurately and a high level of quality. Stainless steel furniture is also available suitable for lab use and keeping to a high standard of hygiene and using in a sterile environment. Incubators are also available through the company, which work for heating and cooling, and are very accurate and scientifically up to standard when it comes to experiments and needing a reliable incubator.

BMT are an excellent example of a company with …



These days, it is almost as if at whatever time check the news a new and upgraded form of an item you’ve only just purchased has been brought out. For those of us endeavoring to stay up to date with the most recent technological advances, it can be nothing short of baffling. So how do you choose a Material Handling System that is up to date and will suit your needs?

You should give some thought to what the where the strengths and weaknesses of the product lie, for example, the system’s capacity to meet the desired rate of manufacture (i.e. how many packs per minute it can handle, and so on), quality control issues and more.

For instance, if you are looking for a high quality system, a company such as Kešner can fit your needs, boasting an exceptional track record and a certificate of exceptionality. Whether you need a whole system such as a belt conveyor manufacturer, this is a company that can guarantee you quality.

You need to make certain that the framework you employ can develop with your organization. You would prefer not to need to have to scrap a segment of your production line because you can’t add to it later. By concentrating on development of your organization, you can either incorporate the additional limit with your starting configuration

With such a large number of innovations in the business sector, and the rate at which they get to be obsolete, it can be amazingly …