familyframeIn the 21st century, the age of the internet, we live in a time where it is possible to get almost anything personalised and customised, and many businesses are taking advantage of being able to reach a national or even global customer base by offering these sorts of gifts to people. If you have the facility to make something personal to a person or a family, it can be a wonderful gift or an amazing decorative item for putting into your own home.

Twenty Fingers are one such company, a small business, a husband and wife duo from the UK, who offer said personalised gifts, everything from pet pictures to a framed family tree. Their bespoke gifts are made with love and attention, and their clever branding (presumably twenty fingers is the name due to the two pairs of hands working on the products) make these a wonderful option for people who want something personal for their own family or something to give as a gift to a family close to you.

Their company has fantastic customer service, and a slick, easy to use website which makes it simple to put your details in and order the products you need. Well made frames and excellent looking products have helped build this company.

Craft style businesses can be started from home, but you have to be talented, and you have to offer something that is well made if you’re going to start a successful business. These wonderful gifts are an …


firstholycommunionFirst Communion, or first holy communion, is celebrated by christians all around the world, and is a way to celebrate confirmation. It is usually held when people are quite young, between seven and 12 years old, but this very much depends on which christian beliefs you hold and which church you belong to. This festivity is more often than not are a reason for huge family social affairs and gatherings to praise the occasion. The communicant wears specific garments which are provided by specialist shops such as. For girls, their dress is normally white to represent purity. Young ladies frequently wear extravagant communion dresses and hair decorations.

Our featured business today are the only shop in the UK that is exclusively communion, and they offer a huge range of products and garments for both girls and boys to wear on their special celebration.

It is also common to give gifts for the festivity, and we all know how tough it can be to buy gifts for events, well now it is a bit easier as they offer a wonderful range and even advise as to the best selling products of this type, so for instance a section of their site will show you the best selling gifts for girls or boys and you can look at what others have bought. That doesn’t mean your gift will be generic though, especially as they offer a range of personalization and engraving for the products. You can get everything from a necklace …