wordpressWordPress is huge. What was once considered a blogging platform is now pretty much the standard in creating your own website with millions of people around the world using it to run their websites. Its popularity has also brought a huge amount of developers who make plugins and themes for the platform and with so much you can customize there are occasionally issues we come across. If you’re running wordpress for a business you should have wordpress help, such as Tilden Tasks, available to you should you need it.

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uberUber’s expansion has been massive, and the company is super successful, now serving in almost 400 cities around the world and being particularly popular in America, their growth has presented some problems with staffing as is inevitable with such rapid growth and they need to hire more and more people in important positions in order to facilitate growth. So what do you need to be hired by one of the hottest companies in the world?

SVP of Business Emil Michael has had a lot to say on the issue as he helps the company to expand, specifically in China, and has spoken about the issue, saying that the company requires “in addition to fierceness: vision, obsession with quality, ability to innovate” and many more traits which you’d expect for a big silicon valley style startup, who are still, in the scheme of things a relatively new company. The ‘cool’ new company also use the phrase ‘superpumpedness’ to describe the motivation they need in their staff.

The company Uber has not been without its controversies and negative press, but in spite of this have grown to an astronomical value in a relatively small  space of time.

Relationship skills are also key according to Emil Michael and he has described how much he wants the staff to take interest and personal accountability for what is going on within deals and other aspects of the business. As Uber continues to grow, their staffing will become one of the most competitive in the whole …


typingTime is probably our most valuable commodity, and you don’t want to be giving your time away cheaply. We have only been given a certain amount of hours in the working day and to improve your productivity you need to work out the best ways to save time and put it to better use. If you look at your daily habits and your skillset it is likely you will find many places in your day where time is going down the drain.

You probably utilize a keyboard every single day yet you are writing by looking what you are doing. You can’t type ‘blind’? This means learning touch typing can massively improve your time saving abilities at work.

Touch typing is a technique to sort without utilizing the sense of sight to look at the keys of the keyboard. Some individuals accomplished the speed of 120 words for every min or more, by making proper use of this strategy. This rate is truly incredible and saves more time the more you normally spend on the keyboard

You can have neck issues by keeping your head switching between the screen and your fingers, but more likely you’re just wasting time copying documents or even just getting your thoughts out on screen.

It is truly puzzling that they don’t have these lessons in schools (or possibly in the schools in most nations). It is much more odd when individuals who are working huge hours with the computer as so many jobs do …

Business Jobs

businessThe broadness and significance of the growing role of Company or Corporate Secretary has expanded notably in the course of recent years. It is an interesting part as the Company Secretary is often neither involved in management nor an individual from the Board itself. There are attempts to move the job past that of being the “managerial admin of the board” to one which includes the more extensive part to play, and legally in many countries the corporate secretaries have a huge role to play.

Inside any association, a Corporate Secretary’s obligations incorporate guaranteeing the honesty of the administration structure, being in charge of the proficient organization of the company, guaranteeing consistence with the laws and compliance with regulations and administrative necessities and brining about the choices made by the Board.

Company secretarial services can be outsourced and this can be a great way to make sure you’re getting an experienced and reputable option when it comes to your company secretary. If somebody hasn’t done the role before it can be really tough to get your head around and it is important to get the right person in place when you’re dealing with something with legal implications.

The person taking on this role should have great personal skills, be organized and good at keeping notes and records, as well as having some understanding of laws relevant to your business. Outsourcing these services can take away a lot of hassle!

This is an important role, not to be underestimated, making the …