medic-563425_640The cost of all things involved in healthcare is huge, and the healthcare facilities management costs have been described as a crisis by some, accounting for 17% of America’s GDP. In a world where we put a focus on helpingĀ our sick, their health comes first, and rightly so, but there is no reason we can’t look to make improvements in this area, and many of us are looking to drive down these costs.

Just like any other business, the healthcare business spends a lot of money on staffing and on its supplies, and by working with vendors and other companies who regularly cost hospitals and healthcare facilities money, can mean a big saving. As technology grows within a competitive (and truly massive) industry, up and coming companies such as Uptime Health are making headway, working with suppliers and other costs, creating and implementing savings plans for companies within the healthcare industry.

With anything medical, there are certain costs that cannot be avoided, a certain piece of equipment or other medical supply, however, healthcare companies still have a lot of costs such as phone bills, promotion and marketing materials and even some of the medical supplies can be negotiated.

Within a lot of healthcare businesses, the focus doesn’t tend to be saving money but saving lives, and that is the way it should be, but there is no reason why profitability can’t be boosted by employing the services of an external agency in order to help drive down costs …