Benefits of a Local Social Media Marketing Platform

social mediaSocial Media has utterly blown up over the last 10 years or so, we all have a huge amount of access to people around the world, often accessible via phones in our pocket and laptops in our bags. We’re better connected than ever, but sometimes the most powerful connections are those local to us, and having a platform which provides those connections can be beneficial for businesses and individuals alike.

The benefits of building a cross section of people locally are many, and for marketing purposes it can be truly wonderful, if you’ve used ads on bigger platforms you may have experienced first hand how difficult it can be to target just those local to you, but localizing via software for instance means you can find people with a shared interest and target them. For an event or local conference, this can be absolute gold dust, with many other benefits for all sorts of different businesses.

Even if you’re not a coder or excessively tech savvy you can definitely still get involved with this, and there are companies out there such as who provide bespoke solutions for targeting people in a certain area. Segment and contact your fans based on where you are, new branch of your shop opening? Target people locally. Band on tour? Target the cities and areas you’re going to be heading to in a week or so can help you to sell tickets.

If your business isn’t embracing social media then you’re probably losing out, it’s easier than ever with techniques like this to find new customers and connect with existing customers.

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