Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 19.02.27Gumshields are popular in a huge amount of sports, and with good reason. Leaving the teeth exposed in sports is often a bad idea and there are a huge amount of examples of people losing their teeth or getting other mouth related injuries if they don’t take the correct precautions. Gumshields are used in sports like Football, Rugby, Boxing and other combat sports, pretty much anything with physical contact involved, it is wise to use gumshields or as they’re sometimes called ‘Mouthguards’.

There are a few different types of gumshield, you can have them totally made from scratch as a custom shield, but this quickly gets expensive. A Boil and bite gumshield is a good alternative, as the name suggests, these are submerged in hot water until the middle section becomes malleable and you put it over the gums and teeth, it will then conform to the unique shape of your own mouth and allow for a customized, much more comfortable mouthguard but without the expense of a costly custom made one. These products can be easily ordered from Oral Mart Sports Gumshield store and you are able to do everything you need to do to make the gumshield your own in the comfort of your home, the process is very simple.

Being safe with a gumshield is essential, but gone are the days where you’d have to wear a generic shield which is uncomfortable and off putting. Create something unique to you without spending the earth and you can …