billgatesWe all love knowing who has the most money. It is a basic human desire and so many people are driven by the pursuit of wealth and the lifestyle it can obtain for you. These businessmen and women have used their own business enterprises to become the richest in the world, and we list the top five below.

Bill Gates will be a name known to almost everybody. He is of course the founder of Microsoft and his company and fortune have grown amazingly ever since. He is said to have a net worth of over seventy nine billion dollars, and you can even follow him and his exploits on Twitter!

Next we have Carlos Slim. His work in telecommunications with the Helu family has earned him a fortune and earned the Mexican national his place on this list. His telecommunications carrier Movil was the biggest in Latin America in 2010, He has amassed over seventy one billion dollars and Movil is said to account for about three quarters of that.

Following on from Slim we get Warren Buffett with a net worth just a shade below slims. The eighty four year olds main source of income is from multinational holding company Berkshire Hathaway. Buffett is well known for his philanthropic work, and has pledged to give away 99% of his fortune to good causes, and charities. He does most of this through the gates foundation.

Next we have Amancia Ortega with a net work of just under …


His name has become more and more mainstream over recent years, but who is Elon Musk? Billionaire? Yes, but much more than just that. Elon is said to have been the ‘real life Iron Man’ and was researched when creating the film franchise for inspiration. Is he such a rockstar? Or philanthropist?

The video above goes some way to explaining the man who isn’t as famous as the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, but his businesses could be much more important in the long term. He has a desire to better the world, and his inventions and projects revolve around exactly this, from the hyperloop to tesla motors to spaceEx, Elon is using his considerable wealth to become one of the most important men for the future of society.

Musk has some controversial views on subject matter such as politics, and is seen as an enigmatic figure in the world of entrepreneurship and business, but his forward thinking is, quite simply, something the world needs a lot more of if society is to move forward, and the planet is to survive the strain we are putting it under.

Kudos, Elon.…