Czech Industrial Fabrics – Filter Belts and Related Products

czechCzech industrial fabrics are a company who produce filter belts and related products, today we’re looking at the company profile and seeing what they have to offer. They work closely with their clientbase in order to provide the best results for them, and have done so for over two decades, a quite incredible achievement and a track record.l

So what does a filter belt do? They can be used in all sorts of processes for things like liquid separation, and has many uses in the food and drink industry as well as other processes and manufacturing.

The belts supplied by the company are met with huge acclaim, they’re built out of extremely high quality stainless steel and created in different patterns with high quality yarns which are able to filter to the highest of standards.

  • Food and drink
  • Making paper and paper related products
  • Dewatering sludge¬†for mining minerals
  • Conveyor belts
  • Process belts

The company, Czech Industrial Fabrics, have a long track record of producing high quality belts for all kinds of industries, and their website shows exactly what they offer. As well as the belts themselves, they make products to go with them, for instance belt thickeners to control the flow of the liquid passing through it.

Ever safety conscious, they make antistatic belts to avoid fire and other hazards, and from their base in the Czech republic are able to help companies through Europe and beyond with their excellent filter belts and related products. Over 20 years of excellent service!

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