Email Privacy Best Practices

emailEmails are one of the most easily targeted ways to try and get someones personal info, everything from passwords to important accounts to addresses and other info you don’t want hackers getting their mitts on. We’ve put together some tips for email privacy

Utilize a Strong Password. You give out your email address a lot; it’s not by any means private. That being the situation, the main thing shielding you is a good strong password. A word you can’t guess easily or has different characters in it and a lot of them increases full control of your email account.

Lock It Up. On the off chance that you step far from your work area, lock the desktop or close your email. Generally a passer by could read your mail or even reset your login.

Secure Your Address. It’s normal that you give out your email each time you communicate something specific, yet there’s no reason to offer it up to the entire world. Try not to incorporate your email address in remarks on blog entries, or in online networking posts. A great way around this if you need to use a temporary email is to use a service like Emailondeck who give a private temporary email.

Use Encryption. Now and again you have no choice but to send delicate data. To keep your information safe, save it as an folder and utilize some form of encryption or use a private or keycode protected ZIP document. At that point let the other person know how to get to the file separately.

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