Featured Business: Ego International – made in Italy export leader

exportItaly is without doubt one of the most culturally famous nations in the history of the world, with their influence spanning through their home continent of Europe and across the seas to the USA and beyond. Italian products are popular all over the world and their exports are worth hundreds of billions of dollars every year. We’re focusing on Ego International today, a made in Italy export leader who focus on lots of Italian products from food and drink to manufactured items.

When you think of Italian exports it might well be food and drink that springs to mind, whether it is flavoursome meat or those amazing wines we all love. Italian food is undeniably one of the best cuisines, but there are other areas of export that are hugely valuable in Italy, these include manufacture of electrical parts and building materials, cars (when you think about brands of cars, many of the most famous are indeed Italian) and pharmaceuticals, an area which has grown hugely in recent years.

Ego International’s role is to provide branded ‘made in Italy’ products for people all around the world, they work with loads of suppliers to make sure that whatever your needs they can find somebody to fulfill it and provide your business with the Italian quality products you’re looking for. As well as food and other consumable products they work closely with manufacturing including finished and semifinished parts and products. Ego International are a well respected company who will work hard to fit the needs of your business when it comes to imports and exports.

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