Featured Business: Essex TV – Coming 2016

etvGone are the days where launching a TV channel would only be an option to some of the biggest moguls in the world. In these days of digital distribution and the world wide web, it is possible for even local TV Channels to have a global reach.

Launching soon is Essex TV, a business who have ambitions of taking their range of programmes to a global market from their base in England. The exciting range of releases will include independent films from rising stars in the industry, and sports, news and more different kinds of shows for everyone to enjoy.

The channel are still looking for new people to be involved, with a call out for people who think they can bring something to their team, be it presenting, independent film or more, so there’s still a chance to get involved and be there from the start of this exciting venture, which will surely grow and grow once they’ve launched.

The channel is rumoured to be supported by members of parliament, and some of the team involved have been announced in spite of them being a little secretive. Tim Tiernan has been installed as the Operations Director whilst Alin Stacescu will bring his creativity to the table.

So, whether you want to get involved, try and work with the channel or just look forward to the launch of Essex TV, and the range of shows it will be bringing to your screens, it is sure to be an interesting venture.

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