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microsoft-80659_640Here at thebusinessexperiment.com we love to bring you the latest business news form around the planet. No matter how small or large, stories about starting small and ending up big are inspiring. Stories of falls from grace head a warning that we can all apply to our own business ventures. This is if they are to be side projects, or our full time income. We can all learn. Our featured business of the month articles will hope to pass on some of that knowledge and wisdom to you. We chose to start with a big example, Microsoft

Microsoft corporation was founded in April of 1975 by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. They designed, sold and developed operating systems for Altair-8800 style computers, yet they did not stop there. By the 1980’s they had cornered the market with their MS-DOS operating system that would later go on to become Microsoft Windows.

Later on in 1986 it was floated on the stock market. It is said that the he rise in its share price transformed the wealth and lives of  up to 12,000 Microsoft employees. It is said it made 3 billionaires and up to 12,000 millionaires because of this rise in share price from its IPO.

Over the years Microsoft moved to corner the market it its chosen areas, and have immense power today because of it. The contract they got from IBM in the early 80’s today stands strong, and they have market dominance over the operating systems for all IBM PC operating systems. They also achieved this through use of office software for things such as word processing and data tables. Their popular Microsoft office serious of software is what they used to conquer this particular aspect of Computer technology.

Over the years Microsoft has acquired and developed, merging into many more competitive markets. They have interests in Smart phones with windows phones, the console gaming world through X-Box, and many more. They also purchased SKYPE in what was their biggest purchase. Costing some $8.5 billion back in the May of 2011.

Microsoft influence does not stop there however. They have bought social media site Yammer , expanded into internet search areas with Bing, and the digital services market with MSN. They also created the Surface computer in 2012, the first computer windows designed the hardware for, as well as putting the operating system on. This would lead to Microsoft mounting a significant challenge in the sector of Tablet computers, rivalling such things as Apple’s iPad.

Microsoft may have created the richest man in the world in Bill Gates, and be an extreme example, but the message is clear. From their initial success they never rested on their laurels They continued to expand and always look forward to the next big thing. They had cornered the markets, and where easily dominant enough to make plenty of money. Yet they moved into areas of genuine competition. Difficult areas, and continued to promote from within, and refresh the staff. Adding more to the board and entrusting other with the company. Lessons about evolution, ambition and striking from a position of power can be learned here, and plenty more to boot.

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