How to Capture Video from Your Console

elgato hdEver see something astonishing in your favourite game and wish you could show it to the world (or at least social networks)? All things considered, because of a plenty of devices and consoles are built with the capability to record gameplay, it’s less demanding than it used to be.

We frequently get asked how you can record, edit and share. In the last generation of consoles such as xbox 360, players needed to utilize outer gadgets such as capture cards to catch their video. The most recent technology of consoles have worked in capacities to do this themselves and you can even share right from your gaming dashboard.

To begin with, the fastest way. At the point when playing, the Xbox One is continually recording video to a call upon, yet different to the PS4, the run time for this is just 5 minutes. At the point when playing, you can say “Xbox, Record That,” and it’ll fetch back the most recent 30 seconds of video. You can do this with your controller too.

The PS4 is continually recording your gameplay in clips, so once you raise the menu, you can press the square button, select “transfer video cut”, which will save the it and move you to the transfer menu.

Capture cards are great in terms of quality, they capture in HD and bring more options than the onboard capture of these consoles, but at least the modern consoles can save the footage for you to use at a later day or quickly share with friends.

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