How to Make Extra Cash as a Teenager

cashMaking money as a teenager can be really tough, especially if you’re not yet old enough to go out and get a job, or can just work part time, as many countries regulations state. Fortunately we’re in the digital age and there are ways you can make a bit of extra money from the comfort of your home or by doing jobs locally, you’re going to need a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and from there the world is your oyster.


Paid reviews are among the great approaches to make money as a teenager. Lots of review sites are not genuine and don’t pay you a lot of cash. So you have to truly play safe to increase better pay from the legitimate overviews, there are sites out there who will show you which are the best for this and actually pay a fair amount.  Shop around, so to speak, and you’ll find something that works for you.


Numerous families require someone to keep an eye on their kids and some don’t have a lot of time for taking care of their own youngsters as both mothers and fathers are having careers. Being an adolescent you are probably great at playing with young ‘uns, and keeping them entertained, and this is a viable approach to make money.

Kindle Publishing

If you’re a talented writer there’s the chance for you to even publish your own book these days, whether fiction or nonfiction, and even if you don’t become the next worldwide best seller, there’s the chance to earn some decent money from doing so.

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