4638981545_68f982c9d2_oMany people don’t realise the extent to which their activities are being monitored. Long has the Orwellian vision of security cameras and ‘big brother’ been discussed, but it is easy to forget that the internet is proving to be the ultimate surveillance tool, and it is impossible not to leave a footprint every time you log on or even just open your computer.

The issue has found its way into the media at times with big names such as Edward Snowden highlighting the issue, and surely the time has come where an alternative to everything we do being tracked is due.

Advertising has long been known as an important dark art and there has always been a gold mine of cash involved. The industry is often discussed due to controversial moral stances, and online is no different, with most sites we visit and services we’re subscribed to tracking our patterns and serving the needs of advertisers.

Take a minute to think of your social profiles and how much information the average Joe Bloggs could get about you just by taking a look at information you’ve already put out there for all to see. It is easy to forget that once you publish this info it is out there for anyone.

Screen_Shot_20160115_at_105529_AMFortunately there are things you can do to stay anonymous online. As well as your behaviours and patterns you can even visit certain places online who respect your need for privacy. One such place is anonygo.us, a mobile app …


cashMaking money as a teenager can be really tough, especially if you’re not yet old enough to go out and get a job, or can just work part time, as many countries regulations state. Fortunately we’re in the digital age and there are ways you can make a bit of extra money from the comfort of your home or by doing jobs locally, you’re going to need a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and from there the world is your oyster.


Paid reviews are among the great approaches to make money as a teenager. Lots of review sites are not genuine and don’t pay you a lot of cash. So you have to truly play safe to increase better pay from the legitimate overviews, there are sites out there who will show you which are the best for this and actually pay a fair amount.  Shop around, so to speak, and you’ll find something that works for you.


Numerous families require someone to keep an eye on their kids and some don’t have a lot of time for taking care of their own youngsters as both mothers and fathers are having careers. Being an adolescent you are probably great at playing with young ‘uns, and keeping them entertained, and this is a viable approach to make money.

Kindle Publishing

If you’re a talented writer there’s the chance for you to even publish your own book these days, whether fiction or nonfiction, and even if you don’t become the …

Business Entrepreneurship

etvGone are the days where launching a TV channel would only be an option to some of the biggest moguls in the world. In these days of digital distribution and the world wide web, it is possible for even local TV Channels to have a global reach.

Launching soon is Essex TV, a business who have ambitions of taking their range of programmes to a global market from their base in England. The exciting range of releases will include independent films from rising stars in the industry, and sports, news and more different kinds of shows for everyone to enjoy.

The channel are still looking for new people to be involved, with a call out for people who think they can bring something to their team, be it presenting, independent film or more, so there’s still a chance to get involved and be there from the start of this exciting venture, which will surely grow and grow once they’ve launched.

The channel is rumoured to be supported by members of parliament, and some of the team involved have been announced in spite of them being a little secretive. Tim Tiernan has been installed as the Operations Director whilst Alin Stacescu will bring his creativity to the table.

So, whether you want to get involved, try and work with the channel or just look forward to the launch of Essex TV, and the range of shows it will be bringing to your screens, it is sure to be an interesting …


computer-767781_960_720Not many businesses can survive in the 21st century without being online, and even fewer can survive without computers. Whether you’re setting up, expanding or just looking to streamline and improve your business, you’re going to need computers. Buying anything on bulk, or even as a business, can be very different to buying for your own personal needs, so we’ve put together a guide to try and help you out.

Try not to Be stingy. You will invest more in squandered energy being frustrated by a substandard PC than you will spend on a better PC. Yes, that deal PC you found may be a truly incredible purchase, but if it is slow, it isn’t worth taking the risk if it is low on spec. Fortunately you can get Discounts on Business Computers Using Coupon Codes which can save you some money, especially if you’re purchasing a lot of units.

Will your work mean you have to work out and about a lot? At that point get a laptop, or even a tablet. On the off chance that you are prone to never leave your office, get a desktop. Desktops are for the most part less expensive for more quality and faster processors. Desktops are hardier, all the more simply repaired, and can be modded without too much difficulty, with extras such as additional ram or hard drive space.

Purchasing a PC can be a bit of a minefield and it sure can cost you a fair bit when buying …


calendarOnce you’ve sorted out your refund, you’ll probably want to know when you can expect it! The bad news is that there is no guaranteed or set time scale, but there is a pretty close estimation. The IRS returns 9 out of 10 refunds within 21 days, meaning there isn’t too long to wait.

If you use your online facilities and e-file your taxes then your chances of getting a quick refund are a lot higher as opposed to sending it through the mail, they get there quicker and are processed quicker, which ultimately leads to your bank balance being healthier.

It is important to note that the refund does not come straight away, and some people think that by e-filing you’re going to get the money straight off the bat, unfortunately this is not the case and it will take a little time, but the fact that you’re likely to have it within a few weeks should soften the blow.

Within 24 hours you can even keep a check on the status of your refund with the IRS. For more info on Where to find the IRS tax refund dates this excellent article provides details, and some awesome features such as how you can check the status from your phone, and the best ways to file your taxes and get your refunds correct.

Taxes can be difficult even for the most intelligent and organised of us, but tools like this make things a little bit easier. IRS refunds should …


taxesTaxes, as well as being inevitable, they can be a real pain, with all the paperwork and record keeping it can be hard to know where to start. Fortunately there are tools out there to help, and in the modern dot com age there are places we can go to find the help we so desperately need.

If you’re looking to get a tax refund, there are ways out there to estimate your tax refund with H&R Block – a calculator which makes it simple to enter some details about payment, some more personal info and paystub info, and you can get a pretty good approximation of what your tax refund is going to look like. It’s detailed too, and takes into account information like student credits and other tax benefits you might be receiving. The more details you can give it, the closer it is likely to be to an accurate result.

It’s so useful, and takes out a huge amount of the guesswork involved. We all know that if you’re going to run a household or just a lifestyle with little stress, financial planning is really necessary, and this tool lets you have way more control, taking away the anxiety of the guesswork you may be used to.

Let’s face it, taxes are difficult, and tax season is something that many of us dread, fortunately you can rest a little bit easier if you take this into account and untilize the tax refund estimations we’ve found so useful. …


brisbaneBrisbane is the capital of Queensland in Australia, is a growing economy with loads of opportunities, and as an English speaking country with a lot going for it in terms of tourism and business, the future looks bright for the whole of Australia, but specifically Brisbane, which is proving to be one of the best places for start ups and small businesses. Just a short hop from amazing tourist venues such as the gold coast, it is also developing a reputation as a tech savvy spot, and is almost threatening to become the ‘silicon valley’ down under. So why is it so great for business?

Well for a start, the Council is continually endeavouring for the future of the area to be computer and tech based. They provide something called a budding entrepreneur grant and have a focus on business, continuing to focus on the city’s plan for the future and what a great time it is to be growing a business here.

There are various incredible groups which focus on helping new companies truly getting some footing in Brisbane. A look at a Brisbane business directory will show you how many businesses, and groups to support them there are. In any case, the other awesome thing about the city is what number of imaginative businessmen are willing to converse with you and assist – which is especially useful for budding businessmen and women.

Brisbane is a lovely area in general with a friendly population, community spirit and a huge …