Protect Against Identity Theft for Individuals and Businesses

indentity_guard_imgTechnology, largely, has been a wonderful addition to our society, allowing us to reach people all around the world and do things we would only have seen in sci fi films a few years ago, but it has also left the door open for types of fraud and cyber attacks, and among the most prominent is identity theft. Whether you’re an individual, family or a business, these types of attacks are out there, and as a business it can be even more important to protect your reputation and the details of clients.

You don’t need me to tell you that fraudsters are astute and intelligent, and can exploit those people┬áthat don’t take safety measures to ensure their lifestyle and business dealings remain┬ásafe.

You and anyone involved in your business can take steps in order to keep your business data from being stolen by lawbreakers to take directly from you or get involved in fraudulent activities in your name. A real crisis for businesses and something that can cost a huge amount of time and money.

Financial losses as a result of this type of fraud have been estimated at around 25 billion dollars, a huge amount of money and it can be difficult to recuperate if the culprit isn’t caught.

So what options do you have?

There are some common sense steps you can take to try and avoid any sort of ID theft happening to you, these aren’t complex, nor are they difficult, but they do require you to be aware of the threats that are out there. Firstly, keep important documents and social security numbers safe, as well as anything with bank details or official correspondence with authorities safe, ideally every piece of mail and correspondence should be kept safe and picked up straight away when it is delivered.

Throwing something out? Shred it! Do not leave ‘dumpster divers’ the option of finding things in your trash, because eventually someone will.

Make sure your passwords are unique, using three random words, a combination of capitals and numbers as well as other characters make your password much harder to guess.

Get identity guard – for the utmost peace of mind a company like identity guard know what they’re doing and as their name suggests they offer a lot of protection. If the worst should happen and you do come under attack, identity guard are there to offer their help and expertise and do everything they can to keep you safe. It isn’t expensive, really, and it does give a lot of protection.

If you run a business, brief your staff on these best practises too and make sure nothing important is thrown out without shredding and important docs and passwords are secure. You can’t be too careful with something like this. The knock on effect of an attack can be huge, so even if you spend a little time and money right off the bat to try and avoid the problems in the long run, it may well prove to be worth it.

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