Single Payer Health Care Explained

healthcareSingle-payer national health insurance, otherwise called “Medicare for all,” is a new framework in which a single public or agency arranges medicinal financing for all different sorts of healthcare, however the undergoing of this care such as surgery etc. remains to a great extent private. Under a single payer scheme, all inhabitants of the United States would be secured for all medicinally essential procedures, including specialist, doctor’s, preventive medicine, care, tooth and eye care, mental health and more as well as funding physician recommended medication and any other medical costs.

The single payer health care system is similar, or perhaps an advancement to ‘Obamacare’ which is technically called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is reminiscent of what is already in place in many other countries, for example the national health service in the UK which provide free healthcare for all who need it.

There have been arguments both for and against the scheme, it may well end up with huge waiting lists and people trying to abuse the system as well as addition to the national debt, as has happened in other countries offering similar, but the pros are clear to see, the health of the nation would massively improve and the burden of paying for medical treatments would not fall on the individual which can even cause bankruptcy or other huge financial issues.

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