Five of The Best Companies to Work For in the World

googleiconThe saying goes that a happy worker is a productive worker. We all want that job satisfaction, because at the end of the day, for most people, work dominates such a large portion of our time. Now this is not to say that it is the be all and end all of life. Its not. Yet If you work a 43 hour week, 5 days, throw in 5 lunch breaks and travel time. That’s 50 hours a week most week going on your job. So why not be happy when you do it? Lots of small and privately owned companies are a delight to work for, but what about the big boys? The top companies in the world? We bring you our list of the five best companies to work for. We have based this list on the Fortune 500 best company to work for list, published in 2015.

Number five is Robert W. Baird and Co. The financial services and insurance company is located in Wisconsin. It is privately owned and employs some 2800 people. It is said the big ego’s that are common place in this industry are actively discouraged by the people at the top. The togetherness and team ethic is the biggest draw here, according to employees, and they really feel like they are being challenged. They base things on traditional values, and may not be at the fore front of cutting edge, but offer a solid and structured system where everybody is valued.

Next up on this list is SAS institute inc, who hold the number four position. The exact number of employees is kept confidential by the information technology company. They are located in North California. The employees praised the companies ability to go above and beyond to please staff, and customers alike. There own art gallery for employees to enjoy and contribute too, really in a unique and novel approach to motivating the work force.

At number three we have ACUITY, also located in Wisconsin. They employ around just over 1000 people, and they are all extremely happy at the financial service company. Generosity is the buzz word here, and crops up a lot among employees. Be it the companies contribution to charitable causes or the profit share employees enjoy, or maybe its the 50 pound gift boxes you get at the holidays. ACUITY is hard work, and the people at the top recognise and reward that work. The fact that the executives serve a free breakfast every quarter also makes the people at the top seem really accessible.

Just being pipped at number two on the list is The Boston Consulting group, located in Massachusetts The professional service company employees just over 2700 workers, and are privately owned. In a place with long hours, and very hard work its tough to keep moral high, but it is managed well. Knowing the impact you are making and being substantially rewarded all help keep people happy. They host regular retreats for team bonding, and deliver special rewards to the teams who give the best results. The perfect environment for ambitious people who want to solve outside the box problems, and be trusted to do so.

Finally at number one, it is probably no shock that one of the largest, richest and most iconic companies in the world has happy employees. Yes Google is ranked at number one by Fortune 500. They also employ more people than this list combined with over 28000. So how do they keep them happy. Well the success of the company is bound to play a part. Knowing you are part of this is bound to help, as is the inspirational story of how it went from garage business, to global domination. Things like nap pods, and free food are all very much a reality, yet it is not chaos. The results of the company prove that, and they reward big ideas, and a non boastful attitude. It is also clear that people value their co workers, describing them as talented and very humble.

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