The Importance of Anonymity on the Internet

4638981545_68f982c9d2_oMany people don’t realise the extent to which their activities are being monitored. Long has the Orwellian vision of security cameras and ‘big brother’ been discussed, but it is easy to forget that the internet is proving to be the ultimate surveillance tool, and it is impossible not to leave a footprint every time you log on or even just open your computer.

The issue has found its way into the media at times with big names such as Edward Snowden highlighting the issue, and surely the time has come where an alternative to everything we do being tracked is due.

Advertising has long been known as an important dark art and there has always been a gold mine of cash involved. The industry is often discussed due to controversial moral stances, and online is no different, with most sites we visit and services we’re subscribed to tracking our patterns and serving the needs of advertisers.

Take a minute to think of your social profiles and how much information the average Joe Bloggs could get about you just by taking a look at information you’ve already put out there for all to see. It is easy to forget that once you publish this info it is out there for anyone.

Screen_Shot_20160115_at_105529_AMFortunately there are things you can do to stay anonymous online. As well as your behaviours and patterns you can even visit certain places online who respect your need for privacy. One such place is, a mobile app that lets you share your opinions, photos and experiences whilst staying anonymous, requiring absolutely zero personal information. The company take your privacy seriously and though the posts can be seen by anyone, you can stay totally unseen. Each post on anonygo has a photo and text to accompany, and a growing community allows people to comment, share or just view posts without all of the profile info that would usually accompany this sort of social activity. Respect for your personal details that you won’t often find online make this a great option, and their app is available on Apple and Android devices.

There are other things you can do online to try and maintain anonymity, they aren’t all the most simple, but they are a way to keep prying eyes away.

  • Using a VPN or virtual private network, this masks your details such as IP address and have long been a way to avoid prying eyes or get around blocks and censors which are stricter in some countries than others.
  • Blocking third party cookies via your preferences in your browser will let you bat away many of the advertisers who like to snoop at your behaviours.
  • Browser extensions – there are many plugins and extensions designed to block trackers all over the internet, just set up and go, you don’t need to constantly be maintaining it or worrying about where you’re visiting.

Anonymity is not something that should be so easily breached, and those who respect it deserve a lot of credit. Not wanting your every move tracked does not equate to suspicion or criminal activity, and is just part of your right to privacy. Change your browsing habits for the best outcomes online.


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