What Ride-Hailing Company Uber Looks for In Their Top Hires

uberUber’s expansion has been massive, and the company is super successful, now serving in almost 400 cities around the world and being particularly popular in America, their growth has presented some problems with staffing as is inevitable with such rapid growth and they need to hire more and more people in important┬ápositions in order to facilitate growth. So what do you need to be hired by one of the hottest companies in the world?

SVP of Business Emil Michael has had a lot to say on the issue as he helps the company to expand, specifically in China, and has spoken about the issue, saying that the company requires “in addition to fierceness: vision, obsession with quality, ability to innovate” and many more traits which you’d expect for a big silicon valley style startup, who are still, in the scheme of things a relatively new company. The ‘cool’ new company also use the phrase ‘superpumpedness’ to describe the motivation they need in their staff.

The company Uber has not been without its controversies and negative press, but in spite of this have grown to an astronomical value in a relatively small  space of time.

Relationship skills are also key according to Emil Michael and he has described how much he wants the staff to take interest and personal accountability for what is going on within deals and other aspects of the business. As Uber continues to grow, their staffing will become one of the most competitive in the whole of the valley.


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