Where to Visit on the Costa Blanca

benidorm-775997_640Spain is a vast and fascinating country and is a holiday destination for a lot of Europe and beyond. Not much of Europe can have such amazing conditions most of the year and the weather is a big draw. Most people end up going to coasts such as the Costa Blanca, so whether you’re planning your holidays or looking forĀ property for sale in spain costa blanca, we’ve listed some places to visit.

If you’re looking for a party, look no further than Benidorm, there are a lot of Brits here as well as other nationalities and Benidorm is a lovely area in Spain with plenty to do, they have a lot of tourists so people have made a lot of attractions and no shortage of nightlife for both the young and old.

Javea is an area which is truly beautiful and has a real cosmopolitan feel. People from all around Europe have not just visited but settled down in this city which has a huge expat community as well as beautiful buildings and loads to explore.

Altea has been popular for a long time with German tourists but more people from around the world are starting to realise how great it is, there is a feeling of tradition with this town which has a beautiful harbour and plenty of bars and nice areas to explore for food, drink and culture.

There is a reason the Costa Blanca is such a popular destination and all of these places are pretty simple to reach once you’ve flown into the coast via one of the local airports.

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