Why convert to cloud based asset management with CoreDoc?

businessWhy will cloud management benefit your business? This article gives you a brief overview of the cloud management system operation with CoreDoc, its operation and benefits over conventional management techniques being used currently.

Cloud management, E-management or online management are the different names of the online management services offered to clients via remote servers by CoreDoc. The services are software based where the data of your business is stored on our dedicated or shared server for a license fee. Your business can access and manage your accounts remotely around the clock using the internet.

Management plays a vital role in the development and stability of a business, simultaneously, it turns out to be the most time taking and demanding section of the business. Usually specialized managers are hired or more recently, desktop based software, to keep track of the business transactions. Which by using conventional methods of registers managing through manual means take lots of effort and hardwork. The problem with such tangible data is that the data needs to be physically stored in cabinets or hard drives and transferring or remote access to this data becomes difficult without the aid of accessories like USB drives.

In comparison to the conventional management, online management offer a paperless solution, all the business records is maintained online, statements, checks, mails are all replaced by electronic statements, emails, E-Invoices stored on our remote servers that can be accessed at any time from around the world. Plus the encryption of the data on our servers makes it highly secure and inaccessible to any unauthorized personnel, such high level of data security offers great benefits to your business.

The largest advantage of CoreDoc cloud management is “ZERO DATA ENTRY”. Even in desktop based management software, data entry becomes a laborious task. Data entry is the most critical stage in maintaining records, a slight mistake could lead to huge miscalculations wasting up time and manpower to correct the errors, in CoreDoc asset management system there is no need of data entry, the software application manages automatically by logging each and every transaction from the account.

The CoreDoc cloud management service comes in handy for small business owners, instead of a human manager, the tasks are being performed by the application software, reports can be generated using the vast database of the business management tools available on the server, the reports can be customized as per requirements of the user and be generated at any time of the day from any corner of the world where a client has internet access. You can track your staff availability, monitor the expiration of your licenses with auto alerts about expiration etc, keep a track of incident tickets and monitor your contracts and clinets efficiently.  These are the advantage that a small business can never have with a human management at such an affordable cost.

Hence if you are a small business owner with meagre resources, you can sufficiently save on your asset management costs by using online management tools and increase your profits. We would take care of your license renewal, contract management, license management, device tracking, device management and a host of other asset management functions.

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